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Medical Research Scotland is one of the largest and most comprehensive independent research charities in Scotland. We aim to invest in the future of Scotland's biomedical research and help to maintain its well-deserved international reputation for pioneering medical research. We do this by supporting young scientists in the early stages of the establishment of careers in health-related fields. Unlike most medical research charities, our funding isn't restricted to any one disease or condition, we simply support high-quality research that aims, ultimately, to improve the understanding, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all diseases and disease mechanisms.

PhD Studentship Awards 2015/16

The Trustees agreed to award fifteen 4-year PhD Studentships to start in the autumn of 2016. (Information about those awarded will appear here as they are formally accepted.) Click on the title of the projects to access details of the projects and/or details for applications.

University Project Supervisor Company Project Title
logo Dr Mark Vendrell, MRC Centre for Inflammation Research EM Imaging Ltd logo
EM Imagingl Ltd
Chemical Agents for Diagnosis and Non-Invasive Therapy of Cervical Cancer
logo Dr Mandy Drake, Centre for Cardiovascular Science Aquila Biomedical Ltd logo
Aquila Biomedical Ltd
Towards understanding the mechanisms linking preterm birth and neurodevelopmental disorders
logo Dr Manosh Paul, School of Engineering logo
Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Europe Ltd
Blood Flow Modelling and Assessment of Fractional Flow Reserve in Stenotic Arteries
logo Dr Simon Milling, Institute of Infection, Immunology and Inflammation logo
Astra Zeneca R& D Mölndal
Alopecia areata and the potential link to intestinal inflammation
logo Dr Stephen Yarwood, School of Life Sciences Acacta Life Sciences Ltd logo
Avacta Life Sciences Ltd
Use of Affimer Affinity Reagents to Detect Changes in Protein Structure
logo Dr Catherine Berry, Institute of Infection, Immunology and Inflammation logo
Collagen Solutions plc
Leukaemic Stem Cells and Their Takeover of the Bone Marrow
logo Dr Peter Caie, School of Medicine logo
Indica Labs Inc
Personalising colorectal cancer prognosis through automated image analysis
logo Dr Simon Powis, School of Medicine logo
M Squared Lasers Ltd
The use of light scattering to distinguish cells in the immune system
logo Dr James Dear, Centre for Cardiovascular Science logo
AstraZeneca UK
microRNA in acute liver injury
logo Dr Richard Burchmore, Institute of Infection, Immunology and Inflammation logo
Ubiquitin conjugating enzymes as novel drug targets in Leishmania
logo Dr Craig Jamieson, Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry logo
GlaxoSmithKline plc logo
Development of Autotaxin Inhibitors for the Treatment of Respiratory Diseases
logo Dr Maïwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences Multiplicom NV logo
Multiplicom NV
ctFRAC - Microfluidic devices to enrich tumour DNA biomarkers
logo Dr Gillian Smith, School of Medicine logo
Dundee Cell Products Ltd
Tumour-specific growth factors - novel keys to unlock stratified cancer medicine?
logo Dr Joanna Wilson, School of Life Sciences logo
TC Biopharm Ltd
Using the immune system to attack virus-associated cancer

Medical Research Scotland Sponsored Daphne Jackson Trust Fellowships

In 2016, the Trustees agreed to fund two Medical Research Scotland Sponsored Daphne Jackson Trust Fellows to Dr Susan MacDonald and Dr Stefania Pasare to start their Fellowships in Autumn of 2016.

In 2015, the Trustees agreed to fund three Medical Research Scotland Sponsored Daphne Jackson Trust Fellows to Dr Alexandra Di Domenico, Dr Natalia Gorenkova and Dr Dominique Meunier to start their Fellowships in Autumn of 2015.

The Trustees agreed to fund two Medical Research Scotland Sponsored Daphne Jackson Trust Fellows to Dr Elaine Hunter and Dr Sarah Buchanan to start their Fellowships in Autumn of 2014. The details of the awarded Fellowships can be viewed at the research funded at the University of Glasgow.

Vacation Scholarships 2015

Forty-eight Vacation Scholarship awards were accepted for projects that were held in Summer 2015. They were hsoted by the following Universities:Aberdeen (5), Abertay (1), Dundee (3), Edinburgh (13), Edinburgh Napier (1) Glasgow (20), Heriot-Watt (1), Stirling (1), St Andrews (2) and the West of Scotland (1). In total applications 67 had been received.

Thirty-five applications were received for Undergraduate Vacation Scholarships which were held during the summer of 2014. In the event, 30 offers of award were finally accepted and were distributed among the host universities as follows: Aberdeen (2), Dundee (3), Edinburgh (9), Glasgow (11), Queen Margaret (1) and St Andrews (4). Download the full list .
Lists of the Undergraduate Vacation Scholarships awarded in previous years are available by clicking on the year links (all lists will appear in a new browser window): 2013  :  2012  :  2011  :  2010.

PLEASE NOTE : Medical Research Scotland NO LONGER awards Research Project Grants.

Over 60 years of research funding

Since its foundation in 1953, the Trust has provided over £36million in support of research. The diagram below gives a breakdown of the diseases which have benefited from that work since 1992.